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Company information

LIVEAPP srls is based in Italy and avail itself of a team of experts with long-time experience in software development, specifically in the analysis of movement in differents sports. Thanks to the acquisition of Dataracing trademark and its technology, developed and tested in drifting races during the last 9 years, our company is establishing itself in the most important championships in Europe and in the World.


Liveapp-results and the DDS PRO 3 are born from a 15years old experience in motor sport of its creator and developer.
Our specialization in movement analysis, both of human body and mechanical means, brought us to develop a complex system of analysis of the drifting (taking advantage from the similarities with a system developed for the Italian skii team under request of the CONI)
In 2008 Super Drift Challenge in Italy asked us to analyze car performances during its races. After one year we started to use this system during the races (qualifications and race) and it was a success. From 2010 system has been used with great success integrating additional features and improving existing ones, during European competition of King Of Europe. From 2011 to 2014 we tested our system in international races in Brasil, UAE, Portugal and France. At the moment the system is used in the Championnat de France de Drift and Saudi Star Drift Championship. A big step beyond has been made in growth of performances thanks to the experience made in Japan in partnership with Team Orange on the Ebisu Circuit.
During the last 3 years we made a further progress concerning the judges activity (thanks to the willingness and suggestions of the staff of Championnat de France de Drift).